Levels 3 To 34 (Central Tower)
North Eye, the peak of inspirations
North Eye Suites

Welcome to fully furnished studio apartments. Each apartment is a world in itself. Surround yourself with creativity and live inspired for life. Enjoy the 5 star room facility in your home, equipped with every conceivable requirement. Inspire your quality of life while writing a memoir. Or turn it into a private theatre. A panoramic view of the greens below and the stars at the eye level, it's the best place to escape. Come, blink and be spellbound.

Levels 1 - 45 (North Eye Wing)
North Eye, the peak of jubilation
North Eye Suites

Experience the exhilarating feeling of lavishness in North Eye Suites at lower levels. Look up to life with confidence as the clouds are within touching distance. Step out of your window and take a walk to the lanes and bylanes of your imaginations. Spend your life where you wish to spend your weekend. Have a blast with your friends who will never decline your invitation. Experience the hospitality of North Eye and feel elated all the time.

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